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Agile and assembly lines

Coder Friendly’s got an interesting article about Agile Evangelism. First I’m not going to take issue with the article itself but something that he quotes from DanC’s Lost Garden on Managing Complexity: The repetative (sic) steps that a single worker performs on an assembly line is a good example of a simple task This is […]

To do redux

I just want to answer the anonymous “process nazis” trackback on yesterday’s ‘//TODO’ Considered Harmful post, because that blog desn’t allow comments without a login. Quite apart from issues with Godwin’s Law (and that the writer has enumerated a bunch of rules that get “violated” then accuses other people of being process nazis), the post […]

JAOO Brisbane 2009 highlights and thoughts

I spent last Monday and Tuesday at the JAOO conference in Brisbane, and I have a couple of things which I want to say I thought interesting. (‘JAOO’ btw, because I see people asking about it on Twitter, is pronounced a bit like “yow” but with the “j” from German/Dutch like “jah”). Firstly, I found […]

I’m not making this mess anymore!

XP: After 10 years why are we still talking about it? By Robert C. Martin. Uncle Bob argues passionately, and correctly, for the principles of software craftsmanship. Link:

Introduction to XP by Jason Yip

This is a set of the slides for a presentation introducing Extreme Programming and Agile by Jason Yip. It’s pretty good explanation of agile development principles. An Introduction to XP and Agile View more presentations from Jason Yip.

Achieving high velocity

Sprint to the lead in your industry – and stay there! So says the back of the dust cover on Chasing The Rabbit: How market leaders outdistance the competition and how great companies can catch up and win by Steven J Spear (McGraw Hill, New York, 2009). I referenced this book last week in my […]

Agile primer for business people

Here is a primer for business people wanting to know what all the terminology in Agile means to them: What You Need To Know About Agile (PDF). It maps the various agile practices like TDD, Iterative Development, Retrospectives, Backlog, Continuous Integration, User Stories and so forth onto common business categories like Increased Quality, Process Visibility, […]

Let it fail then learn to succeed

On the scrum development mailing list, Dave Nicollette recommended shortening sprint length until it failed, then backing up one step: “Oh, my God! You’re going to let a sprint fail, just so you can determine the optimum length?” Yes. In other words, failure lets you learn your limits. But more importantly, as suggested here, is […]

Scrum methodology

In my personal development preferences, I’ve been a keen proponent of XP (eXtreme Programming) for quite a few years, from when I first learnt about it, and started using it, in the early part of this decade. Since that time I’ve been generally, an Agilist, but I always tried to align my own programming with […]