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Tag Archives: test driven design

Xcode and its inability to handle simple things like renaming a directory

Why is it so damned hard to rename a directory in Xcode? When you open up Xcode and create a new Project, it creates a virtual directory – a “Group” into which your application source files go. If you look at the project with Finder or through the shell you’ll find a directory of the […]

A terrible, terrible Eclipse bug

I found a massive bug in Eclipse – it has a copy and paste function. In Eclipse’s defence, Intellij IDEA and Netbeans also exhibit identical broken functionality.

Throw it away and write another one

Most developers familiar with agile methods are familiar with the idea of the spike. A spike is a time-boxed task that concentrates on clarifying the unknowns in your project. Usually these are technological (“can this be done with this technology?”) but they are also sometimes in the area of the business domain (“is this a […]

Mistakes you can make with SOA

Bob Lewis has a great column this month, “What if SOA is a mistake“? His penultimate paragraph asks: Lost in the shuffle is something basic: Programmer productivity. Friends who are hands-on with such matters tell me the available SOA development environments are less than half as productive as products like PowerBuilder and Delphi were, back […]

I’m not making this mess anymore!

XP: After 10 years why are we still talking about it? By Robert C. Martin. Uncle Bob argues passionately, and correctly, for the principles of software craftsmanship. Link:

Achieving high velocity

Sprint to the lead in your industry – and stay there! So says the back of the dust cover on Chasing The Rabbit: How market leaders outdistance the competition and how great companies can catch up and win by Steven J Spear (McGraw Hill, New York, 2009). I referenced this book last week in my […]

Let it fail then learn to succeed

On the scrum development mailing list, Dave Nicollette recommended shortening sprint length until it failed, then backing up one step: “Oh, my God! You’re going to let a sprint fail, just so you can determine the optimum length?” Yes. In other words, failure lets you learn your limits. But more importantly, as suggested here, is […]

Incremental test running with JUnit Max

Well looks like Joel Spolsky’s ignorant rant about Test Driven Design (TDD) resulted in some good after all. Kent Beck posted a brief response to Joel, which was pointed out in a mailing list discussion about the issue. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about here. Anyway it turns out that Kent is […]

‘Disappeared’ DAO layers

Adam Bien still wants to believe that a JPA layer can directly replace a formal ‘DAO layer’. And I still disagree. I might agree that for simple enough systems, it could end up being that in fact the service layers end up with PersistenceManager logic directly in their methods. But then I might say a […]

Code quality and development teams

Robert C. Martin, aka “Uncle Bob”, lays into Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood: I was riding my exercise bike, listening to Stack Overflow #38 when I heard Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky say “Quality just doesn’t matter that much.” I nearly fell off my bike. (There’s a transcript of part of the podcast on Joel’s […]