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Throw it away and write another one

Most developers familiar with agile methods are familiar with the idea of the spike. A spike is a time-boxed task that concentrates on clarifying the unknowns in your project. Usually these are technological (“can this be done with this technology?”) but they are also sometimes in the area of the business domain (“is this a […]

The rewrite will be ready shortly

You might have seen the following cartoon before: It’s from a site called The Project Cartoon. What I didn’t know was the site allows you to use the little cartoons to make your own version. You can caption and re-order the panels. For your amusement, and perhaps your edification, I present “The Rewrite Will Be […]

Code re-writes and U.S. health care reform

This post is not about health-care, per se. This is about “re-writes” or “total reforms” of systems. An argument Atul Gawande makes in New Yorker magazine about health-care reform: [Certain reformists say] The country has this one chance, the idealist maintains, to sweep away our inhumane, wasteful patchwork system and replace it with something new […]