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Software review: TeXnicle LaTeX editor

TeXnicle is a relatively new free Mac OS X TeX editor. I just had a go at it (for about an hour) to wheedle out some of its basic features and possible flaws. It is of course (i.e. conforms to current trend in LaTeX editors) one of that “all the things in a big window” […]

Instagram versus Flickr

So most people who read the news should be aware of the new Instagram terms of service by now (if not, read the linked boingboing article). Its resulted in quite a bit of outrage on twitter and other social networks (here is Wil Wheaton on the fiasco). I deleted my account yesterday. What’s most interesting […]

Desktop lockdown

An interesting Wall Street Journal article, “Why You Can’t Use Personal Technology at the Office”, came my way courtesy of a Linked In group discussion this morning. In terms of the article, I agree it has been my experience for many years where I have faster/better personal technology than my workplace. At one place we […]