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Managing to the numbers | Keep the Joint Running

People who manage purely by revenue or share price generally shaft their companies in the medium term. Bob Lewis, of IT Catalysts, is always worth a read and has many insights which I think all developers and architects should pay attention to. So you improve fulfillment (improved quality) and customer service (reduced cycle time). Revenue […]

Money-is-Money 0.17

I just released a new version of Money-Is-Money, v0.17. If you’re interested, see the features here and here. My aim with it is to make the most accurate currency-aware Java money handling library available. This time I’ve added just a couple of new methods to get the whole and fractional amounts as Integers (I use […]

Money-is-Money v0.16

Putting money-is-money into my own Maven repository gave the impetus to me to clean up the actual code base of the library. There are now a grand total of three classes, including an interface, which is much reduced. As anyone who knows me, will know that I think this is a great improvement. See this […]

Money-Is-Money v0.15 with added maven repository

In the course of an assignment for a client I’ve been giving Artifactory a good going-over. Artifactory is a Maven repository and mirror and is pretty cool and easy to set up – just drop the WAR file into a running Tomcat instance. On my Mac I ran it under Tomcat 6.0.18 with Java 5, […]

Money Is Money v 0.14

I’ve made a modest – very modest – library for dealing with Monetary amounts. IMHO something like this should be inside Java, to stop all those idiots using floating point logic to calculate money amounts. My library uses exactly NO EXTERNAL DEPENDENCIES apart from what’s already in Java 5 and Junit 3.8.1 for tests, which […]