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Fibre to the node – hahahahahah

My house, which was on the pre-Coalition 3 year NBN roll out, but was afterward nuked by the LNP when they won, currently has an issue with the copper that runs from the footpath to the house itself. The last 10 metres of the copper. This took two visits by a Telstra technician to verify. […]

Internet art

My friend Amanda McDonald Crowley writes on her blog about early ‘internet art’ and therein mentions a project I founded many years ago. Also, this is a semi-description of the installation ‘TELEMAT’ we had at TISEA in 1992 that Amanda mentions. 3:712/634 Scot Art Woolloomooloo NSW Sys-Ex BBS

Washington Post confuses email and web

Via the Brisbane Times, an article from the Washington Post about Tomlinson, the guy who ‘invented’ the use of ‘@’ in emails in 1972, confuses the Web and Email technology which preceded it by several decades. Even after the ‘@’ symbol, you still sometimes had to use the ‘bang’, i.e. ‘!’ to route emails explicitly. […]