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Task-orientated email

I just don’t get it. I mean, I get it, but I don’t get it. I’m old school email. This article recommends the mail client Mailbox. Note it’s only criteria for not using Mailbox is if you have an email address that’s not Gmail or iCloud, not that you don’t like task-orientated email interfaces. I’ve […]

Xcode and its inability to handle simple things like renaming a directory

Why is it so damned hard to rename a directory in Xcode? When you open up Xcode and create a new Project, it creates a virtual directory – a “Group” into which your application source files go. If you look at the project with Finder or through the shell you’ll find a directory of the […]

The burning smell of fail that is the Eclipse 3.4 software updater

The other day I realised that on the Eclipse installation on my Mac I didn’t have any Subversion ‘team provider’ plugins installed. Most people who use the Eclipse platform with Subversion will realise that there are two Subversion plugins available for it – Subversive and Subclipse. It appears that the Subversive plugin is now the […]