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Broken Weblogic JMS “clustering”

I’ve ranted before that Weblogic 11g clustering/distribution technology of its messaging is fundamentally broken. Despite what Oracle claims, JMS in Weblogic is not clustered. Load balanced is a better description. It’s architectural – if any other technology (e.g. SOA Suite, EDN, etc) uses Weblogic JMS as its underlying messaging implementation, it will be broken too. […]

Does JPA kill the DAO Pattern?

Oliver Gierke definitely thinks not. And I concur with him. A couple of years ago I got into an running battle with a developer at my old workplace as to whether the JPA architecture abstracted away enough of the persistence to justify eliminating the database layer. My answer was, and still is, certainly not! The […]

In which magic method naming is considered to be harmful

AKA EJB <= 2.x Entities are a stupid idea stupidly implemented. A blast from the past. What idiot decided this was a good idea? public interface SomeEntity { String getType(); String getName(); }   public interface SomeEntityHome extends EntityHome { SomeEntity findBySomeData(String name, String type); }   public class SomeEntityEjb implements SomeEntity,¬†EntityBean { public SomeEntity […]