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The Frustrated Architect

An interesting set of slides by Simon Brown from a talk he gave about the role of the architect. A PDF is attached to the linked post or you can view the slides online. Wish I had heard the talk (see below). The Frustrated Architect: Software architecture plays a pivotal role in the delivery of […]

REST and SOA and Agile and Waterfall

Recently I’ve been working on two projects. They are an exercise in contrasts. First the technologies and the development methodologies. So the first company uses a very Waterfall process and the integration platform is SOA. We’ve managed to build, in the middle of this, a small and focussed Java component that uses JMS in and […]

Throw it away and write another one

Most developers familiar with agile methods are familiar with the idea of the spike. A spike is a time-boxed task that concentrates on clarifying the unknowns in your project. Usually these are technological (“can this be done with this technology?”) but they are also sometimes in the area of the business domain (“is this a […]

Agile and assembly lines

Coder Friendly’s got an interesting article about Agile Evangelism. First I’m not going to take issue with the article itself but something that he quotes from DanC’s Lost Garden on Managing Complexity: The repetative (sic) steps that a single worker performs on an assembly line is a good example of a simple task This is […]

Agile is hard

Johanna Rothman on agile adoption for the organisation: Agile requires the discipline to move projects through teams. Multitasking is nuts in agile. Moving team members around to have the “best” specialist available for a particular team is nuts. Performance reviews for individuals is nuts. Managers have to change everything they do, if they want to […]

Agile architecture?

Slightly appropriate to yesterday’s Agile is Dead rant – because certain vendors are now out and about flogging that “SOA is Agile” in the most incredibly facile way – here’s an interesting short read about the structural aspects (as opposed to the process-orientated aspects) of agile architecture by Kirk Knoernschild. The problem remains for the […]

To do redux

I just want to answer the anonymous “process nazis” trackback on yesterday’s ‘//TODO’ Considered Harmful post, because that blog desn’t allow comments without a login. Quite apart from issues with Godwin’s Law (and that the writer has enumerated a bunch of rules that get “violated” then accuses other people of being process nazis), the post […]

‘//TODO’ considered harmful

Yesterday I said that developers should start being a little more militant about the craftsmanship of their code, i.e. pushing back on broken methodology that demands poorly-built code  be released into the wild. This sort of code is always inherently fragile and will break your software if it has not already. Today I just want […]

JAOO Brisbane 2009 highlights and thoughts

I spent last Monday and Tuesday at the JAOO conference in Brisbane, and I have a couple of things which I want to say I thought interesting. (‘JAOO’ btw, because I see people asking about it on Twitter, is pronounced a bit like “yow” but with the “j” from German/Dutch like “jah”). Firstly, I found […]

Are fixed-price contracts evil?

Alef Arendsen asks ‘Are fixed priced contracts evil?’, especially to the agile process, and summarises there a number of responses that others have had into this question. Especially in the contractual arrangements that consulting companies need to make in the agile development sphere. He points to an excellent post by Seth Schubert on this matter. […]