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High-performance system design by declarative specification

“I want to get from London to New York in 12 minutes.” “Ok, we will have to design and build some sort of ICBM or buy one, that will cost a lot of money. Also, I’m not even sure you can get an ICBM that’s fast enough for that distance. And have we thought about […]

The Frustrated Architect

An interesting set of slides by Simon Brown from a talk he gave about the role of the architect. A PDF is attached to the linked post or you can view the slides online. Wish I had heard the talk (see below). The Frustrated Architect: Software architecture plays a pivotal role in the delivery of […]

Agile architecture?

Slightly appropriate to yesterday’s Agile is Dead rant – because certain vendors are now out and about flogging that “SOA is Agile” in the most incredibly facile way – here’s an interesting short read about the structural aspects (as opposed to the process-orientated aspects) of agile architecture by Kirk Knoernschild. The problem remains for the […]