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Category Archives: tools and techniques

Java + WebDAV … a solution for the PITA

Spent the day tooling about with Java web DAV libraries and the Apache httpd server on a Centos machine. First, just let me start by saying that if your webDAV installation on Apache ain’t working as it should and you’re on a Redhat-style installation, have a good look at what SELinux is doing. If I’d […]

Mistakes you can make with SOA

Bob Lewis has a great column this month, “What if SOA is a mistake“? His penultimate paragraph asks: Lost in the shuffle is something basic: Programmer productivity. Friends who are hands-on with such matters tell me the available SOA development environments are less than half as productive as products like PowerBuilder and Delphi were, back […]

ORM-is-Dead meme

I agree with Stephan, andĀ  Aldo; ORMs increasingly get in the way. Collection mapping is one of those “hello world” problems. (The “hello world” example in the doco looks totally trivial and completely ideal [which is the problem], but suck-in-the-galaxy-greet-it-and-then-map-all-the-stars problem, which is more like what your real app looks like, is far less than […]

Running Oracle XE on Mac OSX using virtualised JeOS

So Oracle in its wisdom doesn’t have Mac OSX version of its free database. This is of course really annoying to Mac users who need to develop systems that use Oracle databases – Oracle XE is a great little database especially for development environments. Recently I found myself in a situation where I would be […]

‘//TODO’ considered harmful

Yesterday I said that developers should start being a little more militant about the craftsmanship of their code, i.e. pushing back on broken methodology that demands poorly-built codeĀ  be released into the wild. This sort of code is always inherently fragile and will break your software if it has not already. Today I just want […]

JAOO Brisbane 2009 highlights and thoughts

I spent last Monday and Tuesday at the JAOO conference in Brisbane, and I have a couple of things which I want to say I thought interesting. (‘JAOO’ btw, because I see people asking about it on Twitter, is pronounced a bit like “yow” but with the “j” from German/Dutch like “jah”). Firstly, I found […]

Building Oracle 10g portlets in a continuous integration environment

Ignoring all the hints (to use wizards and manual deployments) from the Oracle information as to how to go about creating JSR168 portlets for the Oracle 10g Portal server, we have successfully designed a continuous integration environment for the Oracle portal environment for a client. The Oracle 10g portal server is the old-school Oracle app-server […]

Money-Is-Money v0.15 with added maven repository

In the course of an assignment for a client I’ve been giving Artifactory a good going-over. Artifactory is a Maven repository and mirror and is pretty cool and easy to set up – just drop the WAR file into a running Tomcat instance. On my Mac I ran it under Tomcat 6.0.18 with Java 5, […]

The burning smell of fail that is the Eclipse 3.4 software updater

The other day I realised that on the Eclipse installation on my Mac I didn’t have any Subversion ‘team provider’ plugins installed. Most people who use the Eclipse platform with Subversion will realise that there are two Subversion plugins available for it – Subversive and Subclipse. It appears that the Subversive plugin is now the […]

Making Maven work through a web proxy

Client has a vicious network policy installed with prevents access to the rest of the world’s internet, unless you use the web proxy. How to make Maven use this proxy? Well, the documentation for Maven is perfectly easy to search, and you’ll find that it says to add the following to your ~/.m2/settings.xml: <settings> … […]