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About ‘Let X=X’

My name is Scot Mcphee. I am a software engineer, and a PhD student. If you have the Twitter, my account there is @scotartt.

I prefer to code systems in a REST-based architecture using lightweight open-source technologies like Spring, Jersey, Hibernate/JPA, Freemarker, and jQuery. My favourite application server is Glassfish v3 or Jetty for a pure servlet environment. I’ve got most of the common open source Java stacks found in this field; I can also program Javascript, Ruby, and a bit of Python, Unix shell (Bourne, Bash and Korn) – also Perl and C too if you’d like to pay me cash up-front, measured by four inch increments of unmarked $20 bills. I’ve got many years of coding and design experience in the J2EE/JEE 5 stack – from basic webapps (Servlets/JSP) to full-blown mission-critical enterprise implementations.

The things that turn me on, professionally, are stuff like modern languages, passionate developers, nice environment, good people, interesting problems, professional development practices, and being able to use a Macintosh for my development environment. If your organisation mandates the use of Microsoft Windows, I do not want to work for/with you, and if you don’t understand why that’s important, that goes double. Please note I am currently employed. I have plenty of experience with Agile programming, technical team leadership, system analysis, design, continuous integration, test driven development, domain driven design, solutions architecture, and so on. 

I live in Auchenflower, which is an inner-western suburb of Brisbane, Australia.

Currently, I’m a part-time PhD student in Ancient History & Classics at the University of Queensland. This isn’t at all related to software engineering, but it’s an interest that I’ve had for some years. I completed the Masters program in 2010. My specific interests in classical history are the problems of representation of space in Latin first century B.C. historiographical literature, specifically the writer Livy and his representation of warfare in Ab Urbe Condita. You can visit my ancient history blog, inlustre monumentum est.

During whatever spare time I have left after coding and historiography, which isn’t much now I’ve moved from the M.A. to the PhD, I sometimes make electronic music. This is something I’ve done since the 1980s, and I freely publish most the results on my music blog Xray Dubs which also contains details of the commercial releases I make as well having many free downloads.

I also put photos I’ve taken on my Flickr site. If you go to the root of this site you can find links to other places where I am on the web.

why ‘crazymcphee’ ?

The domain name ‘’, comes from my time as a developer at, some of my fellow developers labelled me ‘Crazy Mcphee’. I guess I am known for my passionate technical advocacy and forthright opinions. This ended up being the machine name of my Macbook Pro that I wrote all that crazy Wotif code on. Generally my ‘’ domain name was being used for my music work, I needed to get a new domain to host my technical blog, which had been dormant for a number of years. So the name was chosen fairly arbitrarily, because I couldn’t think of any other name when I registered my dreamhost account. I’m not actually crazy – well, only a little.

why ‘let x=x’?

‘Let X=X’, apart from the appearance of being mathematical, is also the title of a song on a Laurie Anderson album, ‘Big Science’. I like Laurie Anderson, but more importantly, I like the arbitrary, circular, self-referential nature of the logic in the statement.