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Task-orientated email

I just don’t get it.

I mean, I get it, but I don’t get it. I’m old school email. This article recommends the mail client Mailbox. Note it’s only criteria for not using Mailbox is if you have an email address that’s not Gmail or iCloud, not that you don’t like task-orientated email interfaces. I’ve tried it before, on the iPhone and the Mac, and I hated it. Google’s Inbox is the same – blech. It’s stupid. I like the big-archive-of-email paradigm, it is old and venerable and well tested.

Perhaps I’m just trained to be a dinosaur. My first email client was mail (not “Mail.App” – mail the unix command line program) running on a System IV Unix machine at university. My second email client was elm, later on mutt, the first on SunOS 4.something, and later, on my personal Linux installation. I ran that way for years, all through out the time I ran addresses; I nearly always had a terminal permanently ssh‘d into my machine, running elm. Every now and then I’d try some GUI based mail client, Mozilla something, Eudora, whatever, and within a week I’d switch right back to plain and simple mutt (I never understood people who used Pine). This persisted until right up to the time I got a gmail address and started to use that as my regular address. Nowadays I use Airmail2 on my Mac, after the Mavericks Mail.App on gmail disaster a couple of years ago. Airmail is old-school, and I like it. It also supports the Gmail keyboard shortcuts, which are heaven for old elm user like myself.

I’m just too old-school, I guess.