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Fibre to the node – hahahahahah

My house, which was on the pre-Coalition 3 year NBN roll out, but was afterward nuked by the LNP when they won, currently has an issue with the copper that runs from the footpath to the house itself. The last 10 metres of the copper. This took two visits by a Telstra technician to verify.

So twice in the last two weeks I asked Lisa to wait for an indeterminate block of 4 hours, and twice the Telstra crew did not show up (big waste of time). I found out last week that I could get Optus HFC cable and arranged to get that installed yesterday morning. This corresponded to the second booking of the Telstra crew. The Optus contractor turned up half an hour early and installed in less than two hours. All working nice and fast(ish). Telstra crew didn’t show up at all, again.

The Telstra job was rebooked for today, I told them go ahead but no-one will be home. No one was home. Apparently they came anyway, and determined that yes indeed the problem is the cable that runs the last ten metres in the ground from the hole in the ground on the footpath with a concrete cover (to call this thing a “pit” or a “junction” is an overstatement, unless you mean, a pit, as in “the pit of hell”). Now they’ve rebooked a different crew to replace the copper next Tuesday (i.e. a week away). No one needs to be home but I might try to be – to stop them ripping up the garden or the driveway. I’m only doing this so as to inflict the cost of repair on Telstra so that they day after they fix it I can ring them up and cancel the service.

Truly, how the coalition things the FTTN solution improves this situation is completely beyond me. The copper lines are rotten. The cost of repairs to my one line just in the last two weeks would probably have paid to have the whole street wired for fibre.

And we probably won’t even get FTTN seeing as (both Optus and Foxtel) HFC is available – forcing even more people onto the HFC network and slowing it down even further (29 mbps off-peak, 12 mbps peak) and doing nothing for upload speed anyway.

It’s beyond a joke.