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Google Chrome Notification Icon – how to get rid of it on OSX

If you use Chrome on MAC OS X you may recently have noticed a really annoying “bell” icon that has appeared in the menu bar, which also had the super-annoying property of not obeying the usual rules for OS X menu-bar icons (such as being draggable off the menu bar entirely). There were a set of recommendations to get rid of it such as the ones found here on … here’s their picture of the annoying non-standard icon:

Annoying bell icon

I just noticed this icon had re-appeared today. I had a poke about in the preferences and have found how to get rid of it, it looks like Google have added a more permanent control for it than the suggested workarounds.

In your URL box type


You’ll see a long list of various preference items. Leave them alone unless you know what you’re doing.

But if you search for “Notification” you’ll find this setting:

    Notification Center behavior Mac
    Alters the behavior of the system level icon for the notification center. 

Set that to “Never Show” and the icon is once again gone.