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More about Mail in Mavericks

Well, that’s been nothing but a huge disappointment. It’s confirmed that and Gmail in Mavericks don’t get along. Mail behaves absolutely abominably with the non-standard IMAP of Gmail. I’ve tried the number of tricks listed in that article to get the ship righted again but it’s looking pretty dire.

At this post you can see another mail provider (Fastmail) complaining about’s broken IMAP behaviour.

One of the major issues that I have with this is that most of the alternatives available are all crippled in some way or have major flaws or blind spots of their own. For the moment I’m using Mailplane – which is a thin wrapper around the actual Gmail interface. It doesn’t seem to play real nice with the Apple though, which is absolutely essential for me.

Currently the best mail client that I have is the Mail program in iOS, on the iPad. Perhaps the OSX team could ask the iOS team to port that to OSX for them!

Tim Cook, fire the bastard who is responsible please. And get the bloody thing fixed this week please.

UPDATE The fastmail bug was not caused by Apple’s – however its busted Gmail behaviour still stands.