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Xcode and its inability to handle simple things like renaming a directory

Why is it so damned hard to rename a directory in Xcode? When you open up Xcode and create a new Project, it creates a virtual directory – a “Group” into which your application source files go. If you look at the project with Finder or through the shell you’ll find a directory of the same name as the Group inside your project directory.

But later, if you rename your Project (emergent design: I’ve refined my ideas so I want to change the names of things), you can also rename the Group too to match. But the directory stays with the original name. You can supposedly rename the directory – but look at that shitty procedure: edit the project file in a text editor and perform a search-and-replace. I’ve tried this about three times on my project and it ends up in some shitty place of hell with linking errors complaining that the file is not in the old directory name. I’ve done a find . -type f -exec grep -H 'oldname' {} ; on the bloody project directory and there’s no reference to the old name left that I can locate. Revert revert revert! Try again. Fail again! Revert again! Rinse and repeat.

Get your goddamned act together Apple. This stuff is a hilarious joke! When you rename the group the fsking IDE ought to rename the corresponding directory or at least give you another option to do this! It’s like some nightmare out of an early-90s Borland C editor scenario. Wait … scratch that, those things usually handled this way better than Xcode does today.

And renaming Test classes should not be that hard either. Developers need to rename things after they’ve created them! Christ on a biscuit. Code organisation 101.

[face palm:[head desk]];