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A more detailed Postbox critique

OK So I’m back on but still looking for a Postbox alternative. What was the straw that broke the camel’s back? I realised it was quite simple.

I am a Gmail Filter and Label power user. I’ve had the damn thing since its “beta” meant you had to get an invite to get an account. Over the years I’ve amassed a huge number of filters to label my email. The first thing that happens is if I’m not in the To: or the Cc: the email is immediately rent from the Inbox. Then various filters apply different labels, usually doing things like: labelling emails with tags like ‘notifications’ (from things that send me automatic notifications); or ‘subscriptions’ where various newsletters go; or ‘history’ for my history and classics related email lists; variations of ‘comp.’ for computer programming lists; ‘uq.’ for things related to university; ‘finance’ for invoices and order confirmations, and so on. I have a long list of filters and about the only perennial gripe I have with gmail is that it ought to provide a more powerful way to manage the filters.

Things that are left in my Inbox are things that are either important and directly for my attention (emails from friends etc), or one of the above that has escaped my filters (but won’t for much longer).

But Postbox seems to think a new email in a label ‘comp.tex’ (several TeX mailing lists end up there) should be brought to my Notification Centre attention at an equal or even more important priority than one in my Inbox. This one fatal flaw (and the outpouring of irrelevant notifications as I started it up once I got home and sucked down a days worth of email into it) was enough for me to just close it down and switch back to Apple, as much as I want to avoid using it. But despite its many other flaws at least it only dings at me when I have new mail in my Inbox!

I could go back to the dead-end of Sparrow once more, I suppose.