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iPhone users less loyal?

Apparently, iPhone users are now “less loyal” than they were before. This is according to a company called “Strategy Analytics” who want to sell you a report that they have which measures that now only 75% of western European iPhone owners, and 88% of US owners, want to upgrade to the new model down from 88% and 93% respectively in 2011. The company claim its due to “negative press” and “a perceived lack of recent innovation”.

Now why they reached this conclusion I can’t tell without shelling out for the report, and not just reading the press release (quite apart from the fact that 77% of users still want an upgrade, and that’s a pretty good number!).

But. But. But.

My perception is that that a lot of iPhone 4 and 4s owners are actually just satisfied by their current device. Of everyone I know and regularly talk to I’m the only who has gone out and actually bought the iPhone 5 (delivery due: tomorrow!). I suspect a lot – in fact I’d wager most – iPhone owners, who are now in the largest part just average people, not techie obsessives, will just wait until their current contract with their carrier has expired and then upgrade. In the meantime they are just not thinking about phone upgrades. Maybe they heard something something new iPhone 5 something Apple Maps bad something and sure this has not translated into an instant consumer lust to upgrade now or else, they way it would have if Apple had announced the new iPhone had an all-new teleportation device in it. But that doesn’t mean when their contract expires and they can get a new subsidised phone they will not upgrade to an Apple iPhone. In the meantime if they asked about, their answer is “meh” and that’s the reason you see this drop in survey numbers.

You know, sometimes people are just satisfied with what they have.