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Adobe software is useless and must be uninstalled everywhere, now

I had cause to use ‘Adobe Digital Editions’ today because of an epub file that would not be added into iTunes (DRM? who knows?). So I open up the Adobe Epub reader which is somehow installed on my Mac to read it. But, it won’t run. It insists I have to install the “latest version” or my other option is to quit. Talk about harassing your customers into upgrades. So I click the “install” button it gives me. Unlike 99% of every other bit of Mac software I use instead of an in-app upgrade it launches the Adobe website. Ok, download the .dmg or .pkg file? Nope. I have to click through Flash Block on that page to get to the installer program (really Adobe – a Flash-based installer?). Eventually it seems to install and launch a new version of the software.

So I right click back on the original file and choose to open it with ‘Adobe Digital Editions’. And the old version of the software opened right up with the insistence to upgrade. With the upgraded version running right along side the original versionfacepalm, headdesk. Its like they don’t want me to use their software. It’s ugly and horrible to use.

And these companies wonder why people pirate stuff. Because, Adobe, if I pirated DRM content it would easier for me to read it in any manner I want to read it you f–king morons, even when I try to use your idiotic software with with labyrinthine installation and upgrade bullish-t.

Let me put it this way. I will gladly pay a fair price for content, if it’s good content. I will also gladly pay for software, if I like the software (for example, I’m writing this blog entry in a fully-licenced version of the blog editing software Mars Edit). But don’t foist your insistently sh-tty, demanding-to-be-upgraded-right-now, eye-gougingly ugly, platform standard-breaking installation procedure using, old version littering montrosity on me even if it’s free.

Uninstall. Please go broke Adobe.