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Postbox 3 anachronisms

Yesterday I wrote about Postbox 3 as a replacement. I’m still using it, and liking it, but I’m starting to develop a good sense of where it still has rough edges;

Alert sounds.
Sometimes it plays the alert sound for no discernible reason (I think because new mail has arrived in a sub-label/sub-folder, but actually I can’t be sure this), yet at other times, a new mail will arrive in the Inbox (I can see it) and no sound will play. Also it seems to update the Growl notification app at odd points (no discernible reason why it does or doesn’t). Consistent behaviour is critical here. Please guys, play the alert sound when, if and only if, a new email arrives in the Inbox of any account. Worry about configuring this behaviour only (maybe through filters?).
Image attachments.
If someone attaches an image to their message (e.g. a photo), when you select the message you see the image scrolling off the page, i.e. at 100%. However if you resize the window, even by the tiniest margin, the images snaps to the window size.
PDF attachments.
PDF attachments should be viewable in-line.
Gmail ‘important’ feature.
I can mark an email with Gmail’s ‘important’ tag in the message view pane, but not to a message or messages in the message list. Actually it’s because the ‘Assign label’ context menu is available for a message in the message view, but not in the list view. ‘Assign topic’ is on both – and it also has by default, a topic called ‘important’ but it’s not the same things as the ‘important’ tag in Gmail. That’s confusing.
Gmail ‘star’ feature.
‘Starring’ an email in Gmail is called marking the email as ‘To do’ in Postbox. In other mailers this is usually regarded as ‘flagging’ the message. Does not support the new Gmail multi-stars.
Message colours.
I’m really missing the ability to colour message text/background with the filters. It’s the only feature I miss currently.