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High-performance system design by declarative specification

“I want to get from London to New York in 12 minutes.”

“Ok, we will have to design and build some sort of ICBM or buy one, that will cost a lot of money. Also, I’m not even sure you can get an ICBM that’s fast enough for that distance. And have we thought about acquiring land for the launch site or what sort of launch system will we considering?.”

“But I want to do it in my car.”

“Oh, well, that’s a big ICBM, to hurtle that sort of load in that sort of timeframe across that sort of distance. Molto-dinero. Also, re-entry procedures at the New York end could be tricky and …”

“No, I meant, I want my car to be used for the journey.”

“But that’s not possible!”

“What sort of engineer are you? Can’t you just soup it up a little?”

“Well even if we could make your car amphibious, there’s no way it can travel 5,500 kilometres in 12 minutes”

“I don’t want an amphibious car!”

“Have you considered a ship of some type?”

“Yes a ship will get me and my car to New York.”

“Excellent. It takes about a week for a ship to cross the Atlantic I believe.”

“But I just said in my specification that it has to take 12 minutes! Also I wish to travel via the Pacific Ocean, as it is prettier this time of year.”

” … !!! “