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Instructions: first open the box then read the instructions

I’m using Scrivener to organise my PhD research, and it will end up being used for the first draft of the actual PhD as well. But Scrivener does not have an iPad app, which make a bit of sense. So I have been looking for an editor that will work with Dropbox (even though its quite possible that by the time I awake tomorrow morning that announcements from Apple at the WWDC about iCloud could make this all irrelevant!). I’ve got Pages, but I’m not wholly satisfied with that option as a quick and dirty writing tool.After some prompting from Lisa, I just bought an app, called Notebooks for my iPad, also based on this recommendation.

But when it ran, it suggested I install the help – it downloads and installs a help file; but this is a zip file. I managed to download it three times before I found where and how to unzip it, which results in the actual help pages being visible. Hint to Alfons Schmid the developer: download and install (i.e. unzip) the help automatically without user intervention after prompting them for approval. You almost lost a user before they began.