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Stuff that is just plain wrong, part 1,893,567

Weblogic’s a big, vendor-supported, application server right? And it has advanced clustering features, right? So you’d think it’s clustered JMS implementation is one of the best in the business — after all large enterprise systems often require high capacity and reliable clustered messaging, right? And Weblogic is offered as a solution to those sorts of problems with all it’s additional high-priced enterprise-grade products that run on it, right?

Well, nope.

Especially nope if you hope to use clustered broadcast messaging (i.e. Topics)  to multiple connected clustered application receivers. Unless you cope with multiple versions of the same message in your application code.

Funny thing is, they already have this product that can do clustered broadcast messaging well proper, it’s called Coherence. But if you need the JMS API, not so suitable. However they could use this product to underpin their crappy 10 year old clustered JMS implementation in Weblogic. Do you think they will do that? Anyone want to open a book on it?