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That’s the just the way it’s done round here

Many of us hear this phrase in our workplace. When you hear it, what you’re really being told is that the company is afflicted with one or more of the following:

  • is afraid of change
  • not interested in improvement
  • has a rigid top-down process development style
  • doesn’t care what you think

I think the greatest problem is the organisation basically doesn’t trust it’s employees to know what they are doing. It doesn’t matter that you may know something better or that you care about improving the company’s performance.  I find when I hear this sort of phrase from in companies I’m consulting at, you soon discover all manner of other issues, idiotic decision making processes, strange convoluted internal processes, inflexible management styles, complete reliance on reporting and long meetings for project visibility, and completely rigid thinking.

What the upshot of all this is, is usually a company that then is left with workers that accept their situation rather then improving it. Ultimately, when such companies confront the reality of their situation and require change to avoid failure, they fail because their employees don’t want change – they’ve had it ground down out of them over the years.

Stasis as a corporate strategy only works for so long.

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