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On Architecture and Craftsmanship

The science of the architect depends upon many disciplines and various apprenticeships which are carried out in other arts. His work consists in craftsmanship and technology. Craftsmanship is continued and familiar practice, which is carried out in the hands in such material as is necessary for the purpose of a design. Technology sets  forth and explains things wrought in accordance with technical skills and method.

So architects who without culture aim at manual skill cannot gain a prestige corresponding to their labours, while those who trust to theory and literature obviously chase a shadow and not reality. But those who have mastered both, like men equipped in full armour, soon acquire influence and attain their purpose.

M. Vitruvius Pollio,   De Architectura Libri Decem, 1.1.1-2. (approx 31 to 27 B.C.)